March 19, 2018

Hunt & Marshall’s Clinical Problems in Surgery 3rd Edition pdf

Hunt & Marshall’s Clinical Problems in Surgery 3rd Edition pdf

Is surgery required? Is the patient effectively communicating symptoms to make the correct clinical diagnosis? Clinical Problems in Surgery, 3rd Edition supports medical students in applying clinical reasoning to problems they encounter in a clinical setup.

Individual chapters are dedicated to specific regions of the body where surgeons encounter most of the problems. The content structure follows the logical step-by-step process of introducing a clinical problem; seeking history and conducting physical examination; diagnosing the patient and devising a treatment plan based on this informed diagnosis.



    • Each chapter discusses the clinical presentations with which surgeons are most commonly faced.


    • Each chapter is dedicated to a range of such problems within a particular region of the body.


    • Incorporation of the latest RACS guidelines on surgery




    • A new Chapter 14, titled¬†Ophthalmological Problems, expands the latest advancements in surgical treatments of such problems.


    • Many line drawings from the previous edition have been replaced with clinical photos to emphasise real-life clinical scenarios which surgeons encounter on a daily basis.


    • This edition will be available as a Student Consult eBook along with the print book. The eBook will include enhancements to the images within the book, as enabled by the Inkling platform.


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